• Letters of Distinction, Lives of Excellence


      Strengthened by a commitment to improving the undergraduate fraternity experience, the Delts at Georgia Southern live every day aspiring to embody the new model for Greek life - one built on strong foundations of honesty, diversity, and humility. We recognize the ever-changing needs of collegiate men preparing for full and worthwhile lives beyond the university doorstep, and we have adapted those ambitions into successful internal and external programming. Our chapter strives for excellence in any and all of the qualities that are indicative of successful members in college organizations, including leadership, admirable social skills, superior scholastic achievement, and community service. These efforts have been met with numerous awards received both locally and nationally, including GSU Fraternity of the Year 2007, 2009, and 2011, GSU Large Student Organization of the Year 2008, and most notably a four-time Delta Tau Delta 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 Hugh Shields Award winner, a point of recognition reserved for none but the 10 best Delt chapters in America. 

      Accomplishments of this caliber are certainly points of pride for our chapter, but every achievement stems from a single common root: our fraternal bond. We aren't brothers by mere membership, but rather brothers by choice. The friendships we share cannot be bought or sold, and it is through this solid union that we maintain our excellence. Whether you're a prospective new member, a parent or an alumnus, or just a curious visitor, we hope the c
      ontents of this website will reinforce for you a belief which we as Delts already know - that although college is an experience you only get once, the memories will last a lifetime if you share them with the right people.

      Eric Sweet
      Former Chapter President (2011)


       Frquently Asked Questions to the recruitment chair


      Why rush Delta Tau Delta Fraternity at Georgia Southern Univeristy?


            That's a great question. With all the stereotypes and misconceptions of what a fraternity is, it is very easy for a college freshman to say, That's definitely not for me. Many students are intimidated by the thought of Greek Life. But I am here to tell you that it's not 1979, and we are not the fraternity portrayed in the film Animal House. Sure we like to have fun, but other things matter to us just as much. For example, campus involvement, intramurals, community service, and philanthropic events are essential parts of our programming. If you ask any of our brothers, they will tell you that going Delt has been one of the greatest decisions of their lives. I think one of the best things about joining the fraternity has to be the countless friends you will meet in the Greek Life community. Just imagine this scenario; you were just accepted to GSU and you have a small group of your closest friends, but you have a desire to expand your social circle and create an unforgettable college experience. That is who I was before I joined the Delta Tau Delta. 

          After joining Delta Tau Delta, the times I have had in college have been far superior than I could have ever expected. I spend every football season on the twenty yard line cheering on the Eagles with some of my best brothers and friends. There is never a dull moment during the hot Statesboro summers; with volleyball at the pool, trips to savannah, and the best company you can enjoy during the long nights. If I am ever in a pinch, I'll always have a brother to count on to be there to help me out. In fact, I was talking to one of my friends the other day and he admitted that he feels the worst mistake he has made was delaying his chance to rush a fraternity. So do not miss your next opportunity to rush and register for the next formal recruitment! 

      What sets Delta Tau Delta apart on campus?


          When I hear this question one of our mottos comes to mind, Committed to Lives of Excellence. This motto sets our standard of collegiate merit above the rest. Entering our fourth year at Georgia Southern, we have yet again set the bar high with campus leadership, high academic performance, and strong ties within the Greek Community. This past January, Epsilon Omega Chapter was recognized for the fourth consecutive time by our national fraternity as one of the top ten across the nation for demonstrating the core values and campus leadership among the best. We maintain leaders within ROTC, Student Government and multiple Honor Societies, just to name a few. But don’t let our reputation fool you; we also hold many socials,events, and tailgates throughout the year.

         Each year we compete with the other fraternities in every intramural sport; football, ultimate frisbee, softball, inner-tube water polo, even taking the soccer championship this past year. But we don't spend all our time on fun and games. We also co-host with sororities two of our own philanthropic events, Eat a Breast, Save a Chest and Smoke-out for Lung Cancer; Each year, raising thousands of dollars for Breast and Lung Cancer Awareness.

         So you are probably thinking, Yeah, I would like to join an organization that keeps me accountable for my academics, does community service, and is involved all over campus, but will I have fun?” Let me breakdown some of our brotherhood events. We have held weekend Spring Formals in both Daytona and Charleston, a charter bus trip to Appalachian State to root on the Eagles, even this past fall we spent a brotherhood event on the beach of St. Simons.

         I hope I have shed some light on what our fraternity is all about. But I have only begun to scratch the surface. Every man finds his own path, but few have the opportunity to lead others to reaching their highest potential. I encourage you to meet our brothers through rush and our events to learn about Delta Tau Delta and Greek Life here at Georgia Southern. For more information please feel free to contact us.