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Committed to Lives of Excellence isn't just a slogan for Delta Tau Delta, it's a way of life.  The purpose of the Fraternity is to provide a values-based experience surrounding the principals of truth, courage, faith and power. The men of Delta Tau Delta are taught how to live these principals in their daily lives.
Committed to Excellence-At the very core of Delta Tau Delta is the drive to prepare members for success.
Committed to Brotherhood-Delta Tau Delta gives members a support network unlike any other. 

Committed to Leadership-Leadership is the foundation of a successful man and Delta Tau Delta recognizes the importance of exceptional leadership skills for all of life's challenges.

Committed to the Community-How are you making an impact in your community and in your world? 

Committed to Scholarship-Delts are lifelong learners and self-directed education begins in college and continues throughout life.

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Beginning Fall 2016

Posted by Glen Sage on Sunday August 21st, 2016

Our website is currently being updated with current information, newsletters that will be published monthly, multimedia, and social media amongst other improvements. We are expecting to transition to ... Read More

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